Tyrone James

Tyrone James, known to his entourage (the Philadelphia Posse, although they mainly hail from Peckham, South London) as Ty the Guy, he is more commonly referred to by the public as the Lord of Love. it is a title that he plays up to in the press, frequently being photographed driving around in his fleet of lovemobiles, which have the number plates, LOVE1, LOVE2, LOVE3, LOVE4… it has been conservatively estimated that 52.6 million people have so far been conceived to a Tyrone James song. born in 1974, he was discovered at the age of 10 by the legendary Barry White, who upon hearing his voice declared: “Well, that’s my career over with”.

originally signed to Prison Records, his first release, Tonight You’re Mine sold only 120 copies, one of which recently went at auction for £3 million. his second release, however, did much better selling 14 million copies in 2 weeks and even today, Ty Me Up, Ty Me Down remains the biggest selling single of all time. he is now the owner of his own $6 billion label, Mamma Music, named after his beloved mother, Beatrice, who it’s said is the only woman who he truly loves and whose sticky BBQ rib sauce he has turned into the number 1 condiment in the world.

currently single and looking for, you guessed it, love, Tyrone is rumoured to be dating movie goddess, the honourable Alexandra-Jane Carruthers, daughter of the 6th Earl of Bonnybogle. however, after he was papped caressing the cheek of Ryan Johns, one of the Philadelphia Posse, rumours abound about his sexual fluidly, with a notable headline asking: Is Ty Bi?

destined to become even more successful in the coming years, his new clothing collection is already a favourite with celebrities and VIPs across the globe with a certain high profile member of the English royal family apparently refusing to wear anything else, apart from the occasional crown or tiara.

as for music, plans are at an advanced stage to record an album of duets with a host of deceased stars such as Micheal Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin. it's to be called Heavenly Soul.