Susan Meakins

Susan Meakins, aged 14, goes to St. Catherine's, a Catholic all girl's school.  she is the only daughter of Richard and Eileen Deakins, who are both local government officers and lay preachers.

she has one brother, David, who is 4 years older than her. He's in the army. on the surface, at least *, all the members of the Meakins family are incredibly strait-laced, apart from Susan.

she's a Rebel with a capital R and doesn't care who knows it. In fact, she'll literally do and say anything to shock and upset those around her.

her best friends include a goth called Karen who insists on sleeping in a coffin, a Tourettes sufferer called Kevin and a one-legged 65 year old lesbian gypsy traveller named Delores. not forgetting, Duane, a 26 stone satanic leather tattooist who does all Susan's tattoos and piercings.

her views and opinions are no less extreme, especially for someone of her age. they include that everyone should be forced by law to become a vegan, like her. all Premiership footballers should be paid the minimum wage only and the rest of the money they earn should be given to the Forestry Commission. and that the country should be governed by a communist collective, capitalism now being a spent force. she tells everyone that ideally she'd prefer to be living in North Korea.

compared to this, her clothes seem relatively tame. she describes her look as 'land fill post apocalyptic chic'. although her mother questions where the 'chic' bit comes in.

Susan is constantly being suspended from school, which she delights in and has been warned that if she organises one more anti establishment march that involves the letting off of fire extinguishers, she'll be banned. she is planning a 'meat is murder' march next month.

* not quite as prim and proper as he appears on the surface, Susan's father, Richard, is a cross dresser with a fondness for spandex and sequins.