Sam Davies

3 short years ago, Sam Davies was a shelf filler, and not a very good one, at Asda. having left school with only an E in practical woodworking, employers weren't exactly queuing up to offer him a job. about to be fired from the supermarket position he didn't want anyway, his future looked less than bright. then fate took a hand as he accompanied his friend, Noel Cuthbert, to the pre-auditions of the talent show, Just For The Record.

Noel had the voice, but definitely not the looks that the producers were searching for and Sam was asked to audition instead. if there was one thing Sam had going for him, it was that he already seemed as if he belonged in a boyband and he definitely had a certain swag and cocky confidence that would make great TV. amazingly, he could also just about carry a tune. well, a lot better than he could carry a heavy box of baked beans.

Sam was in and as the weeks went by, his popularity grew. so much so that by the time he had reached the knockout stages, he was one of the favourites to win. mentored by pop svengali, Harry 'the hit-master' Henderson, Sam was about to be a bona fide pop star and on the night of the final, after the biggest vote in the show's history, he was crowned the eventual winner.

Harry wasted no time in getting rid of Dev Blythe, the lead singer of fading chart toppers, FIXation, and replacing him with Sam. the fans were in love and the band's next 8 singles were all Number 1 on both sides of the Atlantic. Sam was mobbed and worshipped wherever he went. the girls who used to be on the posters of his bedroom wall were now in his arms. he even turned down a date with Leeza R. the world's most famous model.

now rumoured to be leaving FIXation to go solo, he is about to be cast in Stephen Spielberg's, as yet untitled, next movie.

as a thank you to his old friend, Noel Cuthbert is currently Sam's dog walker for his two Bull Terriers and as an act of revenge on Asda, Sam insists that his personal macrobiotic chef only buys all food ingredients from Waitrose.