Leeza R

Leeza R. (christened Lisa Rowbottom) is an international fashion model and aspiring singer.  She is 27 years old and has been modelling since she was 16, when was discovered in a branch of McDonalds in Glasgow . she has modelled for every designer from Armani to Westwood and is according to Forbes magazine the most successful model ever with her personal wealth estimated at $300 million.
over the years, she has been the face of  several major cosmetic brands and it was recently reported by Advertising Age, that she had turned down $10 million to front a campaign for a new anti-aging moisturiser. she demanded $20 million, but the company in question, responded with: 'She's not worth it'. but as of last week, it seems that they might well be about to change their mind.
"Friends" to Royalty, rock stars and the acting elite, her address book reads like a trash airport novel and she has dated every eligible and occasionally not so eligible man out there. her choice of companion is often as colourful as the language she uses.
presently rumoured to be dating Jake Deakins, the leader singer of SIC!, the question is how long will she put up with his notoriously bad behaviour and frequent court appearances before it begins to harm her career?
love her or loathe her (and few genuinely love her, including her agent), you can't ignore Leeza R.