Karen Perkins

Karen Perkins was born (or reborn) in 2005. She doesn't just embrace the Gothic culture, it is her whole reason for living. or should that be for dying? 

she attends St Catherine's, a Catholic all girl's school, which is appropriately enough housed in an old Gothic style building with its own crypt. here are buried all the past headmistresses and headmasters.

while Karen's family are perfectly normal, her mother Margaret is a secretary and her father, John is an insurance agent), the same cannot be said of her friends. they include a self-proclaimed werewolf and vampire. in fact, her most "normal" friend is rebellious teenager called Susan Meakins.

Known for her incredibly pale, almost translucent skin, Karen never goes out in the sun and as much as possible tries to avoid daylight altogether.

ideally, she would prefer to sleep during the day and be awake at night, but unfortunately she has her exams coming up. when she does go to bed it's in a red satin lined solid oak coffin.

her clothes are always black. Her one and only pet is a bat called Boris ( after Karloff, of course). her favourite bands are Dead Again, Hell is Heaven and AB Negative. her favourite TV show is True Blood from 2008, which she watches over and over again.

she has an innate hatred of all religious iconography, detests Sundays and the only thing she can abide about churches is their graveyards, where she is frequently to be found at 3 in the morning, lying on the top of gravestones.

when she leaves school her dream job is to work in a mortuary, a position she already feels eminently qualified for, as she has had work experience in a number of undertakers.

a fortune teller recently told her that by the time she was 20, she would be part of a Californian commune spreading the word of God amongst the down and outs in sunny Los Angeles.