Jenna Philips

Jenna Phillips is a...well, what isn't she? Born in 1981 in Croydon, England, her parents, Frank and Alice both died in a car accident when Jenna was 3 years old. she was subsequently brought up by her grandmother, Bunny Phillips, so called because she was the country's premier breeder of Columbian Pygmy rabbits.

flat chested until the age of 14, Jenna then blossomed as did her bosoms, quickly reaching a staggering 40 KK. they are entirely natural and have never been artificially enhanced, which is unique in the celebrity circles in which she mixes.

discovered by the photographer, Stella Allsop, while Jenna was playing netball, she quickly found herself appearing topless in a certain national newspaper. those days, however, are far behind her and currently she is a multimedia personality, having written (or had written for her) 26 books featuring Lottie Adams, the pony-riding schoolgirl detective. the books are about to be made into a Netflix series with Jenna cast in the role of Lottie's mother.

she is also a singer, having represented the UK at Eurovision in 2015 with the very bouncy and extremely catchy number, The Whole World's In Front of Me.

having appeared in over 30 reality shows, including the last season of Let's Dance, where she was voted off first, she has decided to give reality a rest. unfortunately, her professional partner, Tony Townsend (affectionally known as Twinkletoes Townsend) couldn't get close enough to her to actually do much dancing. she has now turned her talents to politics and campaigning on behalf of other similarly large-chested women, helping and hoping to bring an end to the objectification of them.

currently married to Uber driver, Eduardo Sanchez (husband number 5), she has recently been seen out and about with millionaire plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Sanger, leading to some cruel speculation in the press that she might, perish the thought, be considering a breast reduction.