Jake Deakins

Jake Deakins is the anti establishment ( from a very establishment background- mother, the head mistress of a private girl's school and father, a barrister) rock star and lead singer of the group, SIC!  formed in 2014, they revel in their 'don't give a f**k attitude' to their fans, frequently turning up late to gigs and only performing for 10 minutes before walking off stage. however, the worse they behave the more people seem to worship them.

Jake is the song writer in the  band and as such insists on a  70% share of all royalties. although he claims to not give a toss about the money. the $3 million he received for playing at Facebook's Christmas party last year, slightly negates this claim. 

the bands’ first single, ‘Only ‘The Dead Love LIfe’ charted at no. 1 in 16 countries.  while their first album, ' it's a SIC! world' sold 10 million copies worldwide.

since then, they have gone on to sell 160 million records globally and have hit the no. 1 spot on the Billboard top 100 twice with 'Star of Stalin'  and ' Angela's Apocalypse'.

increasingly known for his drug habit, Jake is in rehab more than he is the recording studio and has narrowly avoided prison a number of times, mainly due to the efforts of his barrister father.

celebrated model, Leeza R. who is thought to be dating Jake is said to be carrying his child. this is yet to be confirmed.

persistent rumours also continue to appear that he is about to split from the rest of SIC! and go solo. Universal Music deny these rumours.