Colin Stephens

as a child Colin Stephens was the proverbial weed. mercilessly bullied at school for his high pitched voice ( even when it broke) and his slightly effeminate mannerisms, he decided enough was enough.

at the age of 16, he joined JoxRox, his local gym( which he now owns 126 branches of) and has never looked back.

he is currently the World's body building champion, a title he has held for the last 6 years.

although he has never used steroids, publicly denouncing their use on national TV in 2015, his body belies the fact and rumours persist that he does indeed use banned and illegal substances.

Colin is 5 ft 10 inches in height. He weighs 240 pounds. his waist is 33 inches, his arms are 22 inches, his thighs ( which he can bend iron bars in between) are 44 inches. while his chest is an even more impressive 53 inches, his neck a staggering 21 inches and his calves an eye watering 20.6 inches.

He can lift 3 times his body weight and each year, it has been estimated that he gets through 710 ( 2 a day) cans of fake tan.

his biggest fan is former Californian Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has long held the dream of playing Colin in a movie.

Colin has been married to fellow body builder, Stephanie Sanderson, for 3 years. he had no trouble carrying her over the threshold.