Algernon Fitzpatrick

Algernon Fitzpatrick, small of stature, but very big of heart, is a dwarf who hails from Dublin. Born in 1981, he is only 2 foot 6 inches tall.

like many a young boy, he had dreams of running away and joining the circus, but unlike many a young boy, his dream actually came true and he started his career in O'Malley's, where as a member of the Tiny Tumblers, he was one of 5 similarly vertically-challenged juggling acrobats. at the end of every evening, he was shot out of a cannon, landing in the lap of a startled member of the audience, who he then presented a bunch of flowers to.

on one particular night, November 2 in 2002, that audience member just happened to be none other than famous Hollywood producer, Elijah B. Gonnamaker from Horizon Pictures Incorporated who was searching for someone to play the co-lead in his new film, a remake of The Incredible Shrinking Man. and as luck would have it, Algernon was a dead ringer, for the 6 foot 9 inch tall, Hank Forrest, who had already been cast in the role. Elijah signed Algernon on the spot and his life was never the same again.

he is now the go to actor when anyone under 3 feet in height is required and he's already starred in over 50 films, most notably Go Small or Go Home, for which he won an Oscar and Little Women (the all male version) with his role as Jo March gaining special praise from the critics for its incredible versatility and sensitivity.

his earnings dwarf those of any other dwarf in the world and he lives in a 16 bed mansion in Los Angles with his wife, who is 12 years younger than him and precisely 42 inches taller. Both of his sons, aged 8 and 10 already tower over their father.

in-between making movies, Algenon likes to practice on the pair of stilts that the O'Malley family gave him as parting gift when he left the circus. you see, he still wants to know what if feels like to walk around with his head in the clouds.