Noeleen Gregory

Noeleen Gregory is a well preserved 75 year old mother of four, grandmother of sixteen and great grandmother of 12. she is still a diner waitress from Billings, Montana and is married to Bill Gregory a retired farm worker.

born in 1945, her most formative years were the 1950s when she was growing up. Her fondness for the 50s is the reason her wardrobe and make up still reflect this era. however, it is the 1960s that holds a special place in her heart. more specifically June 29 1968, when by some miracle of good fortune, she found herself in the small and select audience for the NBC- TV filmed '68 Comeback Special' widely regarded as one of, if not, Elvis Presley's greatest live performances.

seen as a forerunner to MTV's unplugged series, Elvis sang some of his greatest hits such as "Heartbreak Hotel", "One Night With You", "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "Love Me Tender".

it was during " Love Me Tender" that Elvis noticed Noeleen and practically sang the whole song to her. a fact that did not go unnoticed by Priscilla, Elvis's wife, who was also in the audience.

after the filming has stopped, a hot, sweaty and triumphant Elvis left the stage, thunderous applause ringing in his ears, and headed back to his dressing room. but not before beckoning Noeleen to follow him.

in the corridor, he kissed her and stroked her hair.  before anything else could happen though, a passing Priscilla kicked Noeleen in the shins.

the moment was gone, but the memory wasn't and even now, she still remembers the day in 1968, like it was yesterday.

it's relived every time she plays the DVD of that Comeback Special. Noeleen and Elvis, both frozen in time, forever in their prime.