anatomicals & jet blue

no one likes being grounded. be it a troublesome, wayward teenager caught smoking behind the bikes sheds again or an injured bird that can’t quite do as mother nature intended. or for that matter a frustrated traveller who has had their wings clipped by the advent of a worldwide pandemic.

fortunately, the latter is gradually subsiding and the steel birds that once used to share the skies with their feathered brethren are once more ascending into the wide blue yonder on their way to far-flung and exotic destinations. and on the subject of that wide blue yonder, anatomicals are delighted to be a part of this return to aviatic adventures by having two travel essentials in the new Jet Blue ‘use and keep’ rubber pack.

our ‘stop cracking up’ lip balm does exactly what it says by stopping your lips cracking at 36,000 feet, while our ‘the cream of British society’ helps, in the most patriotic way possible, to relieve dryness on other areas of your body. these products are to be found on flights to over 100 destinations in America, Latin America, the Caribbean and good old blighty, thanks to the recently launched flights from JFK to Heathrow and Gatwick.

if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a Jet Blue flight in the near future, we hope you enjoy using items from the suppliers of the world’s coolest toiletries company. of course, if you’re still grounded (you naughty thing) and can’t fly, you can always buy the products online at or a host of other retailers nationwide. proving that the checkout is frequently more appealing than the check-in.